Private Lessons


Lessons are one-on-one and last 45-minutes.   The teacher leads the student through a variety of commonly performed activities and movements such as sitting, standing, moving from sitting to standing, walking, lunging and bending down to pick something up. The student learns to perform these basic activities without unnecessary tension or strain while maintaining overall coordination.  The natural side affect of this improved coordination is good posture.

Incorporating what has been learned in practicing these basic activities, the teacher also guides the student through working in the same manner on other movements and postures that are specific to the student’s job and typical daily activities.


Part of the lesson also involves table work.  The student lies in the semi-supine position (on the back with the knees up and feet flat on the table) with the head supported while the teacher gently manipulates the student’s head, neck, back and limbs. Table work uses gravity to facilitate decompression of the spine, allowing the back to spread out. The goal of table work is to maintain this more open and decompressed state when one eventually returns to the standing position. 

What to wear:

Everyday clothes are fine so long as they are not particularly tight or restrictive.  You will by lying down for part of the lesson, so you may want to bring pants or leggings if you are wearing a skirt or dress.  You will be asked to take your shoes off during the lesson.

Work on your own:

Students are encouraged to apply their new sense of coordination to their daily activities outside of the lessons and to lie on the floor in the semi-supine position at least once per day for 10-15 minutes.  The Alexander Technique is intended to be used at any time during daily activities, therefore no specific exercises are prescribed.

How many lessons you will need:

The number of lessons that people take varies from person to person.  It depends on the reason for which you begin lessons, how quickly you are able to integrate the work and apply it on your own, and what your goals are.  Typically people take weekly lessons for 2-6 months, and begin to see significant benefit after the first one to five lessons.  Some people do a short series of lessons, others make it a life practice.  According to a 2008 back pain study published in The British Medical journal, people who were in pain 21 days per month reduced their pain to three days per month after a series of 24 Alexander Technique lessons.  After an initial lesson, you'll discuss with Lindsay a plan that works best for you.  Click here to learn more about what to expect from the number of lessons that you take.

Cost of a Lesson:  The cost of one private, 45-minute lesson is $100.  Packages of 10 lessons paid in advance are available at a 10% discount (equivalent to one free lesson).  Discounts are available for full-time students.

Scheduling:   Click here to contact Lindsay to schedule a lesson.  Lessons are generally scheduled Monday through Friday and evening times are available.  Weekend lessons may be available upon request.  Check with Lindsay for availability and weekend rates.

Home Visits:  Home visits may be possible upon request.  Rates vary depending upon location.  Contact Lindsay for details.

Workplace Visits:  Click here to read more about lessons in your home and office focused on how you sit at your desk and setting up your workspace facilitate maintaining comfortable, good posture.

Group Classes: Lindsay currently runs small, weekly group classes.  Click here for more information on group classes.

Gift Certificates:  Gift Certificates for private lessons are available.  Click here for more information.