"My initial impetus for trying the Alexander Technique, nine years ago at age 41, was to address discomfort in my lower back caused by a herniated disk. I had tried several other approaches that didn't help and when I turned to a spine doctor she recommended the technique to me. I'm not one of those people who's always experiencing "miracles," but I walked out of that first Alexander lesson nine years ago with half my back pain gone, and all of it gone after one or two more lessons. The principles of the technique make intuitive sense to me and my own experience confirms it.  I used to question how good posture could be good for me -- it was so uncomfortable that I always ended up slumping again, but now I know that truly good posture is actually pretty effortless.  Lindsay has been my Alexander teacher for the past six years and she is superb. She brings a seriousness of purpose to her work, she is quick to provide me with strategies that work when small pains arise, and she has a gift for finding the right words and metaphors to help me internalize the technique's principles."  - David Barnes, PhD Student in Epidemiology

"I started going to Lindsay for Alexander Technique lessons because of arm and back problems that were affecting my ability to do my work.  After one lesson, I was convinced.  The pain relief  was remarkable, and the lessons themselves were a wonderful therapeutic experience.  But the Alexander Technique is so much more than that, so much more than just a method for relieving pain and relaxing stressed muscles and tendons.  It is a way of readjusting your body to move through daily life with less physical tension and discomfort.  In the time I’ve been going to Lindsay, the techniques she’s taught me have helped me stabilize and center myself, to the extent that I feel confident saying that I am much happier and healthier in both mind and body then I was when I started lessons.  Simply put, the more lessons I take, the better I feel - both physically and mentally - on a daily basis, which is a phenomenal thing.  I would recommend Lindsay without hesitation to absolutely anyone."  -Sam Hellman, Software Developer

"Since I began practicing Iyengar yoga nine months ago, my previous exposure to the Alexander Technique has both informed and strengthened my practice. The Alexander technique taught me first and foremost the power of mental focus to change how the body moves. The intensity is in the mental focus and not in the effort of the body.  Iyengar yoga, on the other hand, requires a great degree of disciplined physical effort and the new practitioner can be easily too caught up in that effort.Using the Alexander Technique gave me a way to underpin the physical effort with mentally visualizing what I was asking my body to do.  The mind and body were working together in mutual support." -Mary Russell

"In my daily life, Alexander technique has helped me immensely. I now have a whole lot more internal space which has improved my digestion, voice, self confidence and self awareness. I have more energy and more ability to breathe through challenging situations. Alexander has helped me on my journey to learn to relax. have not had to have a massage since I started studying Alexander Technique. I feel like it has helped restore my body to a more neutral state. I love the constant progress and information that it provides both from Lindsay and internally." -Anna-Louise Herzog, Actor, Dancer, Model 

"Since seeing Lindsay for private sessions, I've seen some really dramatic benefits. When I started, I was just returning to dance after having spent some months with a non-epileptic seizure disorder that had recently subsided. It was important to gently continue to find a deeper connection in my body. What began as learning to "not do" soon morphed into a much more calm and unified sense of my whole body after getting out of my own "habitual" way. I now feel a greater sense of being grounded into the floor mixed with a sense of lightness and more mobility through my spine and torso. I've returned to dancing and am doing so better than ever before, with less stress and strain and more fluidity and freedom."  -David Martinez, Dancer, Martha Graham Dance Company



"I started taking Alexander lessons from Lindsay to find help for my stiff lower back. Over the years I have spent a small fortune on chiropractors, but those treatments didn’t provide long-lasting relief. The lessons were truly eye-opening for me and I’ve learned to understand my body and habits of using it in ways I didn’t think I never would.  Lindsay has a way to explain reasons behind the bad habits understandably. I never paid attention before how I walk or stand and it was amazing to find out that I can relearn to do those very basic things! AT has also helped me to use my body better in my dear hobby, flamenco dance. It’s all about being grounded, but light and open at the same time. Through Lindsay’s guidance those words actually started making sense.  Interestingly, after 10 or so AT lessons several people who hadn’t seen me for a while thought I had lost weight. It was simply the better posture that made me look slimmer and taller! Lindsay is a great teacher who makes the lessons interesting and fun. I can highly recommend her!"  -Katri Touri, Global Accounts Manager (Someone who "spends too much time in front of a computer")

I took [classes] to help me to be able to stand and breathe better, especially in front of classrooms of students (something that gives me tremendous anxiety but is part of my job). I feel more confident and truly feel like I am breathing in a way I never have before, very fully. And my posture is better. I can sense when I am slouching and have a little trick to correct that. This has given me more confidence and I have been more at ease in the classroom and in presentations. It has made a huge difference in how I feel and how I am received.  -Rosemary Taylor, Postdoctoral Fellow/Visiting Assistant Professor at The Graduate Center, CUNY

"As an actor being able to take on the shape of a character is very important.  I have found that working an office job or even spending hours at a computer on creative projects has created habits and patterns in my body which not only cause me discomfort but also  inhibit my physical possibilities as a performer.  Working with Lindsay has not only helped me move with less pain and more freedom but has also given me greater physical range on stage."  -Elizabeth Alice Murray, Actor and Filmmaker

"I began seeing Lindsay Newitter when I was approximately 3 months pregnant and had begun experiencing periodic sharp pains in my lower back. After a couple of weeks the pains went away and only returned when I could not see Lindsay for a few weeks here and there. I then saw her weekly from my 28th week through the end of my pregnancy and from that point on I remained pain free. Lindsay provided me with specific strategies for picking up items, standing, sitting, and walking that I was able to use throughout my pregnancy that definitely changed the way I moved and carried myself throughout the week. I continue to use these strategies now that I am picking up and carrying around a heavy, and growing heavier, baby. In addition, Lindsay's application of the Alexander Technique during our sessions left me feeling lighter and more together than I would have imagined possible during my pregnancy. In addition to her experience as an Alexander Technique practitioner and teacher, her own pregnancies have provided her with an important perspective for working with pregnant women. I highly recommend Lindsay to pregnant women who are seeking an Alexander Technique teacher to prevent or lessen back pain."  -Krista Olson, Healthcare Administrator

"My idea of "good posture" has changed after taking Lindsay's group class. When you think that you have to force your body or control it, you're probably further away from "good posture" than you think you are. You shouldn't have to think about posture constantly. It should be something that your body is in control of, not you.  I love that this is a technique that creates long term results. It's not something that you go in to get "adjusted".  With this process you can begin to depend on yourself and how you treat and work with your body." -Rachel Zapata, Actor, James Madison University