Lindsay Interviewed my New York Times Editor Phyllis Korkki's Aug 2016 article, Ready to Snap at Work?  Get in Touch with Your Inner Animal and featured in her book, The Big Thing

Lindsay Interviewed by Emily McCombs for Yahoo Beauty, How a Posture Coach Taught Me to Finally Stand Up Straight Like My Mother Told Me  July 2016

Lindsay interviewed about posture in the May 2015 issue of Allure Magazine.

Lindsay interviewed on Good Morning America, Jan.2016, talking about the benefits of improving posture.

Lindsay interviewed for Refinery29's Oct 2015 Posture Challenge.  Click image to view article

Lindsay is featured by Jancee Dunn in "Learning Curve" in the July 2015 issue of Vogue on the topic of posture and using technology.

Lindsay's Posture Tips Featured in:

Lindsay Interviewed on Masterworks "Transformational Fitness" audio series

Lindsay gives an overview of the Alexander Technique and it's benefits to improving the efficiency of your work-out and avoiding exercise-related injury.  She also offers a few simple tips to help improve body awareness and avoid strain while working out and in everyday activities. 

Lindsay Interviewed on "Body Learning" podcast

Lindsay talks about some common misconceptions about posture and how the Technique can help you improve your own posture.

Watch this animated video and learn more about the benefits of The Alexander Technique.

Watch this video (in two parts) about a recent study, which evidenced that chronic back pain sufferers who took 24 Alexander Technique lessons reduced back pain by 85%.

Actor, Hugh Jackman talks about the Alexander Technique 

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