"I used to think 'How could 'good posture' be good for you?'...when it was so uncomfortable and led inevitably to slumping? I now know that truly good posture is actually pretty effortless."

- David Barnes, PhD student in Epidemiology

Check out the Gadget Class coming up in February.  Learn to actually improve your posture while doing your computing and texting!  

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I had to be on CNN last night to discuss Ebola and I felt really confident sitting there because of all my work with you on my posture. So I want to thank you for that. It made all the difference in the world!

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Learn to maintain comfortable, good posture with the Alexander Technique.

Lessons and Classes in New York City with AmSAT-Certified Alexander Technique Instructor, Lindsay Newitter.

Learn to avoid straining your neck, back, and shoulders when carrying a backpack or bag..

Learn to avoid straining your neck, back, and shoulders when carrying a backpack or bag..

Feel and express confidence through your body language.  Studies show that improved posture reduces stress hormones and increases assertiveness.

I started going to Lindsay for Alexander Technique lessons because of arm and back problems that were affecting my ability to do my work. After one lesson, I was convinced. The pain relief was remarkable, and the lessons themselves were a wonderful therapeutic experience.
— Sam Hellman, Software Developer
After 10 or so lessons several people who hadn’t seen me for a while thought I had lost weight. It was simply the better posture that made me look slimmer and taller!
— Katri Touri, Global Accounts Manager
Text without overusing your neck and shoulders.

Text without overusing your neck and shoulders.

Lindsay's Story

"As a teenager, I had wore a back brace for five years to halt the progression of scoliosis and I felt very out of touch with my body.  I felt tense and stiff, restless, ill at ease, and anxious.  I discovered The Alexander Technique as a young adult and it changed my life dramatically.

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A solution to back pain...

"My initial impetus for trying the Alexander Technique, nine years ago at age 41, was to address discomfort in my lower back caused by a herniated disk. I had tried several other approaches that didn't help and when I turned to a spine doctor, she recommended the technique to me . . ."

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Upcoming Events & Offerings

Check out the upcoming "Gadget Class" in Feb/March.  Don't let computer & smartphone usage impact your posture!

Upcoming Group Classes: Lindsay offers ongoing small all-level group classes on Monday evenings.

Art of Running Workshop (Running & The Alexander Technique) coming to NYC April 11.  Click here to register.