How Your Butt Affects Your Posture


Did you ever think that your butt had anything to do with your posture, how you move, or the body language you convey?

How do you feel about your butt? Do you change how you stand and move based on how you perceive it? Or the opposite...Is your backside an area that you're not so kinesthetically aware of because you don't see it easily?

Last week I spoke with writer, Heather Radke on this topic...butts and our bodies in we feel about them and how our physical response to these feelings affects our posture, movement, and how effectively we connect and communicate with others.

Heather talks about the importance of "having a reality-based idea of where your body is space and how your body move it in a way that is more functional"...and which can help you feel better about yourself!

So when I say "butts", I'm not just talking about whether or not you've worked you glutes in your last work-out. It's more like how you feel about your butt or any part of your body that you might think is too big, too small, or attracts too much attention.

When we try to hide part of our shape we tend to unconsciously move our bodies into another shape. This new shape may be tense, compressed, and restrict healthy posture and movement.

Heather is a writer living in NYC and she's working on a book on the cultural history of the female butt. Check out our conversation below.

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