A Different Way to Fix Your Posture

Have you ever learned a musical instrument? A dance? How to drive or ride a bike? You'd probably agree with me that these are all skills that take some time and practice to learn.

Improving your posture and how you move is no different. It's a skill, it's nuanced, and it takes time and practice.

If you've been trying to pull you're shoulders back and hold them there and that's not working, it's not because your posture is inherently terrible. It's because you need a different strategy. What does work is simple, but involves more subtle adjustments.

Often we're not tuned in to how to make subtle adjustments, so we go from one position that we don't like to another one that isn't comfortable.

There is another way, but it takes some focus and practice. Once you start to get it though, you'll find it's a lot easier and more effective than trying for the quick fix.

Here's something to start to notice so that you can begin making some subtle adjustments. Start to pay attention to where your eyes are. Do you tend to look down a lot? Strain to look at the computer? Odds are that your head follows your eyes. If you're pulling your head back, forward, or down a lot of the time, this can be one of the main sources of poor posture.

Give that a try and check out my lessons and classes to learn more.