Upcoming Alexander Technique small group sessions - All levels welcome

Improve posture, balance, breathing, and reducing strain in every day activities.

4 or 6-class series | Maximum 5 students per class

151 W. 30th Street, New York, NY (New location!)

Upcoming Classes:  

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Wednesdays January 9, 16, 23, 30

Wednesdays February 6, 13, 27, and March 6

Group Classes in NYC

Why take group classes?

  • You are taking private Alexander Technique lessons and believe that you would benefit or your teacher has recommended that you'd benefit from an additional class with a group structure.

  • You would like instruction in the Alexander Technique, but do not have the budget for private lessons.

  • You have never taken Alexander Technique lessons and think that a group class might be a good way to start. Some people connect to the work more quickly at first if they are simultaneously observing other students and may in turn find private lessons more beneficial after having learned in a group setting. This is not the case with everyone.

  • You have taken private lessons in the past and want to keep up your skills and learn more about applying the Alexander Technique to a variety of daily activities.

  • There is less one-on-oneattention than with private lessons, but some people enjoy the dynamic of a group and learn great deal from the dialogue that occurs and from watching others work with the teacher. 

Under what circumstances should a student not enroll in a group class?

Group work (at least at the beginning) is not recommended if you are in a lot of pain or are experiencing any other kind of serious challenge.  If you are interested in group work, but you aren't sure if it's for you, schedule an initial private lesson so that the teacher can evaluate how you respond to the work and let you know whether or not a group would be beneficial for you.



What happens during group classes?

  • Each student receives a 5-10 minute hands-on session during a group class in front of the group. The whole group will be engaged in what is happening with that student and will be guided along verbally with the student who is working with the teacher.

  • Students are guided through group awareness exercises in order to highlight misconceptions they have regarding how they think about and use their bodies in movement and various postures.

  • Students are verbally guided through self-awareness in semi-suppine/active rest position.

  • Students work on applying the Alexander Technique to everyday activities of their choice while the teacher does hands-on-work during the activities as needed.

Forming your own group:

  • If you and a group of friends or colleges want to schedule a series of group classes together at a time convenient for the group and teacher, contact Lindsay.  Please designate one group member to be the contact for the group.

    (To read more about hands-on work, click here to read about what happens during a private lesson.)