As an actor, being able to take on the shape of a character is very important. I have found that working an office job or even spending hours at a computer on creative projects has created habits and patterns in my body which not only cause me discomfort but also inhibit my physical possibilities as a performer. Working with Lindsay has not only helped me move with less pain and more freedom but has also given me greater physical range on stage.
— Elizabeth Alice Murray, Actor and Filmmaker
Alexander has really helped me with tension issues and being able to open up and not block emotion from coming up.
— Anna-Louise Herzog, Actor, Dancer, Model

Postural habits narrow an actor's range.  The Alexander Technique will equip you with the skills to move, breathe, and speak energetically and without strain. You’ll feel more present, emotionally available and genuine, and able to respond moment to moment in a scene.  Finding a more natural neutral in your own body, you'll expand the range of potential characters that you can inhabit without your own physical habits getting in the way.  The technique also helps with managing stage fright. 

Lindsay studied acting and earned her BFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.  She has taught Alexander Technique on the faculty of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, has been a guest teacher and given workshops in the Fordham University Drama Department, has coached rehearsals, and has co-taught Free Your Body, Free Your Voice a class she developed with a Linklater voice coach.

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The Alexander Technique is taught at many top performing arts institutions in the US and worldwide, such as:

Bard Vocal Arts Program

Barnard College

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

William Esper Acting Studio

Boston University 

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

The Juilliard School

Yale School of Drama

Carnegie Mellon University; Schools of Drama, Music

New School of Drama

New York University Tisch School of the Arts

Brooklyn College

DePaul University

Northwestern University

University of California Los Angeles

For a complete US listing, visit the American Society for the Alexander Technique's website.