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Postural habits narrow an actor's range.  The Alexander Technique will equip you with the skills to move, breathe, and speak energetically and without strain. You’ll feel more present, emotionally available and genuine, and able to respond moment to moment in a scene.  Finding a more natural neutral in your own body, you'll expand the range of potential characters that you can inhabit without your own physical habits getting in the way.  The technique also helps with managing stage fright.

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Monologue coaching:  Lindsay coaches actors on text work with hands-on and verbal guidance.  Come to your lesson with an audition monologue or other text that you're working on and find a more genuine connection to your work.  $85 per 45-minute lesson.  Click here to contact Lindsay or schedule a lesson.

Rehearsal coaching:  Lindsay also offers on-site rehearsal coaching to help actors begin their rehearsal as free from their own physical habits as possible and to help them stay out of their own way during the process so that they feel more connected and free to express themselves as the character they are playing.  The Alexander work will also help them to apply direction from the director more effectively.  Contact Lindsay for rates.

Public Speaking & Presenting

I took [classes] to help me to be able to stand and breathe better, especially in front of classrooms of students (something that gives me tremendous anxiety but is part of my job). I feel more confident and truly feel like I am breathing in a way I never have before, very fully. And my posture is better. I can sense when I am slouching and have a little trick to correct that. This has given me more confidence and I have been more at ease in the classroom and in presentations. It has made a huge difference in how I feel and how I am received.
— Rosemary Taylor, Postdoctoral Fellow/Visiting Assistant Professor at The Graduate Center, CUNY

Whether you speak to large audiences or give conference room presentations at work, the Alexander Technique can give you tools to help you connect with and engage your audience, avoid straining your voice, calm nervousness, and keep you from feeling out of breath.   

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From the initial hand-shake, to how you sit in your chair, and how you use your voice, if you are interviewing for jobs, the technique can help you feel and appear more confident, engage more fully with you interviewer, and handle nervousness.    

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