Reducing/Eliminating Chronic PAIN & STRAIN: 

The Alexander Technique can resolve unconscious habits of tension that may be at the root of chronic pain (back pain, neck and shoulder pain, wrist pain, jaw pain, knee pain Repetitive Stress Injury, and a variety of other strain-related issues including vocal troubles.)            

As a preventative tool, the Alexander Technique and resulting improved posture helps to avoid strain and injury in all activities from sitting at a computer to exercising. 

Lowering STRESS & boosting CONFIDENCE: 

Alexander lessons help to integrate the mind and body, generating greater clarity of thinking and body-awareness. 

Feeling good shows through.  Studies show that improving posture reduces stress hormones and increases assertiveness.

Improving a SKILL: 

Addressing habits of unnecessary tension and strain helps to improve the performance of actors, musicians, dancers, public speakers, and athletes and can help improve day-to-day skills like walking, working out, lifting and bending, reducing the potential for injury.