Are You Aligned?

What does the term "mind-body connection" mean to you? Is it something you actually feel or is it abstract and might body-mind be a more helpful description?

And have you ever thought that your physical habits and the way you hold your body might be all wrapped up in your attitudes, behaviors, choices?

This is the first part of a two-part series featuring conversations with my friend Carly Clark Zimmer, MindBody Master Coach, on the topic of alignment. Alignment in relation to posture isn't just a position to hold and neither is alignment of thought.

Carly is a Certified BodyMind Master Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist. She believes the root cause of stress and pain can be found by exploring feedback from the body and reconnecting to the inner wisdom that resides within all of us. Carly helps her clients listen to their heart so they can live an aligned, energized, and inspired life.


As a BodyMind Coach, Carly offers an actionable approach to becoming more aware of you body, thoughts, and how you feel in order to have a positive impact on reaching you goals.

First step...start asking yourself better questions and start your questions with "what" instead of why?

I've done a lot of work over the years on learning to really live in my body and to be conscious of my posture and movement and as a result, I've become sensitive to cues that my body gives me. For example, in my previous post, I talked about how I was so mixed up in regards to my body awareness, that I didn't know how to listen to it or what to tell it to do. Now I hear those signals loud and clear, but I admit that I don't always heed their advice. I learned from speaking with Carly that I can take the signals I'm getting from my body more seriously and that I can make more conscious choices based on these cues.

Check out my interview with Carly below an then click on the link below the video to access a free resource that she's offering all of my readers...a guide to start asking yourself better questions in order to get better results. I answered the questions in my guide and helped sort out the source of some stress I've been having about an upcoming trip and teaching gig in Japan that I'm leaving for next week. By asking myself "what" instead of "why", listening to my body and not overthinking the questions I uncovered the source of my stress and created a plan to move beyond it.