Corporate Programs

The workshop heightened my awareness of my posture and of how I sometimes over-correct rather than attend to alignment issues. . . .It was especially valuable to watch other individuals before, during and after you suggested some changes and did hands on work. . . .I spoke to a group of 80 people today and did not lose my voice by the end of the day.
— Giselle Martin-Kniep, President Learner-Centered Initiatives, Ltd.
evenT at  oliver Wyman . Lindsay helping an employee use his phone with less strain.

evenT at oliver Wyman. Lindsay helping an employee use his phone with less strain.

workshop/presentation at  Exubrancy .

workshop/presentation at Exubrancy.

Lindsay offers workshops and programs for companies and has a history of working with people who suffer from strain, pain, and stress on the job.  

Help your employees become more aware of their posture when they are sitting at their desks, on their feet all day spending hours hunched over emailing and texting, doing heavy lifting, or giving presentations

Improving posture also helps to increase confidence, improve vocal production and engage an audience, all important in terms of how your team interacts in meetings, presents information, and communicates with clients.


workshop for the team at Exubrancy. Demonstrating the weight of the head

workshop for the team at Exubrancy. Demonstrating the weight of the head

Lunch-and-Learn Posture Parties - Educate your employees with a fun, interactive presentation on their lunch break.  It's a Posture Party!  They'll go back to their desks with some key tips for maintaining healthier posture at work.  1 hour.

Workshops - Organizing a retreat or learning day/weekend for your team?  Consider including some posture coaching. Minimum 2-hours.

demo table at  spotify  - Lindsay offering posture tips to an employee

demo table at spotify - Lindsay offering posture tips to an employee

Demo Table -  Let your employees stop by the break room or common space to learn about posture.  They can sign-up for time-slots or drop by individually or in small groups.  This option often works well for companies that are putting together a wellness day with multiple offerings. 1.5-3 hours

Work-Space Consultations - Make sure your desk set-up isn't encouraging poor posture and potential injury!  Lindsay will provide individual work-space consultations, improving desk, chair, and computer set-up and and creating routines and cues for staying mindful of posture throughout the day.  Minimum 1 hour per visit.

Group Classes & Individual Lessons - Weekly hour-long group classes or private/shared 30-minute lessons in Alexander Technique (medically proven to significantly reduce low-back and neck pain).  Regular classes equip employees skills to change ingrained habits that cause pain, strain, and stress.  Group classes are usually 1 hour per week for 6-10 weeks.

Lunch Run - Don't run with "text neck"!  Learn how your postural during your workday affect your workout.  Bring your best posture to running and other aspects of staying fit.  The focus is on form.  For new and experienced runners.

Package Programs - Includes a combination of the above offerings, plus interviews with employees at the beginning and end of the program to establish goals and track improvement.

The Process

  • Program Tailored to Your Needs & Goals: In collaboration with your company, Lindsay will devise a program suited to the organization's needs and goals.

  • What You'll Learn: Verbal and hands-on guidance as well as video analysis will be used to help participants change their postural habits when sitting, standing, walking, and performing job-related tasks

  • Benefits: Reduced strain-related pain (neck, back, shoulder pain and other strain issues), reduced stress and fatigue, increased confidence, and improved vocal production, breathing, and ability to communicate in meetings, giving presentations, and speaking with clients

  • Evaluation: In the case of group classes and package programs, metrics to measure success will be established at the beginning, middle, and completion of the process.

Participants are taught techniques for self-sufficiency and learn to hold themselves up and move in a more natural way, reducing musculoskeletal pain.  Their relief from pain and improved posture helps them to feel more alert and energized and gives them the stamina they need to perform their job at their best. 

Lindsay will tailor a workshop to suit the needs of your company.  Click here to contact Lindsay for a quote or to schedule a consultation.