The Alexander Technique addresses postural habits that people carry around chronically without knowing it.  Humans are very adaptable, but unfortunately we easily adapt to harmful habits.  Excess tension and strain become unconscious and ingrained in everything with do.  For example, if a person tends to slump, they will tend to take this habit or some reaction to it into all of their activities.  They may slump at work and then try to stand up straight while lifting weights at the gym or running, using too much effort to do so and putting strain on their back and neck.

The greater the demand of the exercise, the more likely the person is to further exaggerate their unconscious harmful habits.  A physical activity intended to promote health could end up leading to injury and in turn to a more sedentary life-style while they are waiting for the injury to heal.  Furthermore, if the root cause of the injury (using the body in a way that results in strain) has not been addressed, a person islikely to incur injury again. 

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