At Your Desk:

If your job involves spending long hours in front of a computer, you may experience neck and back pain.  You may alternate between slouching and holding yourself up straight, finding neither position to be particularly comfortable. 

The Alexander Technique will help get your postural support  muscles supporting you so that you'll sit balanced and comfortably and won't have to work so hard to hold yourself up.  Hand and wrist issues can be greatly improved as well.

On Your Feet

Whether you've switched to a standing desk or you job inherently involves being on your feet for most of the day, improving your posture with the Alexander technique can help you relieve discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs and feet.  You'll learn to stand in a way that is balanced so that you aren't compressing your body.


If your job involves lifting heavy objects or lifting people, lift mindfully and with improved posture helps to alleviate strain.  You'll learn to adopt a more neutral, comfortable, balanced posture and then learn how to maintain that strain-free alignment when bending and lifting.  


If you give presentations or lectures, talk at meetings, or spend a lot of your day meeting with clients, you are using your voice a lot.  Improving your posture with the Alexander Technique will improve your breathing and vocal production, reducing strain and hoarseness.  You'll feel more present, confident, and more effective in your interactions.  Reducing strain when speaking can also help eliminate neck, back, and jaw pain.

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